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As part of our continuous improvement efforts at Birchland, we are pleased to announce the completion of a new sander installation on our second saw line.

sander notice-1The installation of this multi head, multi-directional sander will further expand the capabilities of the mill to provide very specific sand quality. Increasingly thinner veneer, reconstituted veneers, bamboo, exotics all require different sanding parameters that can be programmed and stored in the systems computer providing consistent sand quality between lots and reduced set up time. Cross grain and counter front panels are now sanded on line using the same technology.

“Our customers have demanded a precise, finer sand. With this new sander, we have answered!”
- Eric Morgan, President

sander notice-2The beauty of this sand system lies in its segmented sanding plates providing a consistent sand on the entire panel without the risk of edge “snipe” or sand through that can occur on conventional sanding systems. With the pressure beam system the sander instantly detects surface variations and adjusts pressure to maintain a consistent sand quality, fully automatically.