MBRealteclogo-1.gifRealtec veneer is natural veneer, embossed with figure. The effect produces a flawless resemblance to natural figure, which remains consistent throughout large sequences of veneers.

Botanists still are not sure about what exactly creates figure in wood, but it is known that figure appears when the density and growth orientation within the grain changes to create a 3-dimensional visual image. The 3-dimensional figure created by fiddle-back figure has remained for over a century the most valued figure of all, and its name was taken from the Fiddle (Violin) which boasts a strong history in elegance and sound purity. Logs which have fiddle-back figures are extremely rare and the most sought after, hence these veneers command the highest prices of all the cross grain figures found in veneer, and until now, could only be used in very high end projects.

Due to this lack of availability in fiddle-back veneers, Hokusan Ltd. Of Japan has developed a patented process to emboss natural plain veneers with fiddle-back figure. Birchland Plywood-Veneer Ltd. Is the exclusive Canadian distributor of this product, Realtec. Lengths are available in 8’, 10’ & 12’ flitch size, spliced faces or as hardwood plywood on any substrate. Log flitches can be easily matched for large jobs or continuous production, since the figure remains consistent throughout all the veneer. The species available are as pictured, including English Sycamore and American Hard Maple, with many new popular species coming.

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