Birchland9-25-1Once the flitch has been cut to width and then had glue applied to the veneer edges at the Monguzzi, it proceeds to the next step which is splicing together the individual veneer leaves to form a sheet. The size of the sheet can vary depending on the finished product ordered.

The stack of veneer is placed at the loading table and the operator takes each leaf and places it on the work surface and uses a guide to line it up for splicing. The machine then pulls the piece to a seamer that comes down and uses heat and pressure to bond the leaf to the sheet. The operator uses a mirror to show the piece being assembled. Once the leading edge of the spliced sheet reaches a sensor, it automatically pulls the sheet away from the unit and lays in on a pile at the back of the machine.

Once the desired number of sheets is reached, a fork truck comes and picks up the pallet to be tagged. A blank pallet is put in its place for the next stack of sheets to be made. The next step is to grade the sheets.