The flitch “books” are reviewed and graded to determine the best yield and quality and all sequences are kept together. Once this is complete the books are cut-to-length.





Our Monguzzi guillotine is state-of-the-art equipment. In this step of the process, the flitch is cut-to-width and glue is applied to the parallel edges of the veneer leaves. The operator loads a bundle of veneer leaves and uses a laser line to determine where to cut to optimize yield and quality. Once the veneer is cut, a mechanical device moves along a rail and applies glue to the end of each leaf in one pass. The pallet is stored until it proceeds to the next step which is splicing the leaves together to form a sheet.



Once the flitch has been cut-to-width and glue has been applied to the veneer edges at the Monguzzi, it proceeds to the next step which is splicing together the individual veneer leaves to form a sheet. The size of the sheet can vary, depending on the finished product ordered.



Birchland Plywood-Veneer uses a grading room and staff to provide a unique line that many larger hardwood plywood mills cannot provide. Utilizing grading techniques that follow HPVA grading guidelines, our graders can provide a unique look to a preferred client’s product. This is accomplished by sorting for various characteristics that will allow the end user to make products that are uniform and matching specific to their needs.

Veneer Faces

Veneer Faces

Birchland Plywood-Veneer has over 100+ natural species in stock as well as Alpi® Recon and Realtec® Veneer. We take pride in being able to offer our clients such a large selection.





Birchland’s pressing capabilities are limitless, whether on our conventional multi-opening press or on our newest addition; a 9ft x 17ft single platen that will produce:

• 4 panels of 4’x8’,
• 3 panels of 5’x8’,
• 2 panels of 4’x10’,
• 1 panel of 5’x10’, 4’x12’, 5’x12’ etc.

This significantly reduces both our press loading, “stand time” (time panel sits with adhesive on it waiting for pressing) by 80%, and unloading time (auto/computer process, not human). All this adds up to increased quality, production capability and capacity. We also have a melamine shuttle press that will accomodate panels up to 5’x12’.

Sanding & SawingSanding & Sawing

In addition to conventional wide belt drum sanding Birchland utilizes a multi head, multidirectional sander to provide very specific sanding quality based on species of veneer and customer preference. Increasingly thinner veneer, reconstituted veneers, bamboo and exotic veneers all require different sanding parameters that can be programmed and stored in the systems computer providing consistent sand quality between batches and reduced set up time. Cross grain and counter front panels are sanded in line using the same technology.

The beauty of Birchland’s sanding system lies in its segmented sanding plates providing a consistent sand on the entire panel without the risk of edge “snipe” or sand through that can occur on conventional sanding systems. With the pressure beam system the sander instantly detects surface variations and adjusts pressure to maintain a consistent sand quality, fully automatically.


Feel confident that your shipment will arrive in a timely manner with our in-house logistics company (MAJA Trucking) which incorporates a fleet of curtain side and flatbed trailers as well as an extensive network of partner carriers that get the job done.

Whether it is truck, rail, or intermodal, we have the capability to deliver in a timely fashion.