Monguzzi.jpgOnce the flitch stock has been cut to length at the End Clipper, it’s next step is to move to the guillotine. Our Monguzzi guillotine is state of the art equipment.. The purpose of this step in the process is to cut the flitch to width and apply glue to the parallel edges of the veneer leaves.

The operator loads bundle of veneer leaves and uses a laser line to determine where to cut to optimize yield and quality. Once the operator is satisfied with the position, the Monguzzi transfers those co ordinates to the software built into the machine. Clamps are applied to the bundle and the bed moves under the guillotine blade and another clamp holds down the bundle while the guillotine knife slices through the bundle.

When the blade is retracted, a mechanical device moves along a rail and applies glue to the end of each leaf in one pass. The clamps then release the bundle and the other side of the bundle is cut and glue applied. The bundle then moves along rollers to a table where a worker collects it, checks for quality, and puts it on a panel to be transferred to the splicer. The pallet is stored until it proceeds to the next step which is splicing the leaves together to form a sheet.