New Wemhoner flow thru press currently being installed.

Our installation is almost completed.

This press brings new technology to Birchland, with a 9ft x 17ft single platen this will produce;

  • 4 panels of 4x8,
  • 3 panels of 5x8,
  • 2 panels of 4x10,
  • 1 panel of 5x10, 4x12, 5x12 etc.

This will significantly reduce both our press loading and unloading time (auto/computer process not human) .

This will also reduce our "stand time" (time panel sits with adhesive on it waiting for pressing) by 80% and many many more advantages.

We look forward to having many of you attend our facilities for the ribbon cutting.

All the best, and as always... encourage beautification through domestic and exotic hardwoods!